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5 Questions to Ask When You Choose a Cruise Line

5 Questions to Ask When You Choose a Cruise Line

Considering a cruise for your next travel adventure? There are so many great options to choose from it can get a bit overwhelming. You don’t want to set out for an adventure of a lifetime only to be disappointed. Don’t choose the wrong cruise line for the vacation you want. Ask yourself “Is this cruise for me?” with these 5 questions when choosing a cruise line.

What size cruise ship do I want?

How many people do you want on your next vacation? The bigger the ship, the more opportunities there are for you to meet interesting people to share your experience. If you prefer a smaller gathering, choose a cruise line with smaller ships. These carry less amenities, but are easier to get around and you enjoy a more intimate experience with the people on your trip. Small ships also mean the chance to go where the big ships can’t, simply due to their size. Explore the hidden areas in your ports of call with fewer tourists on a small ship while getting the advantages of traveling by cruise ship.

What activities are available with the cruise?

There’s so much to do on a cruise ship. When you choose a cruise line, consider what’s important to you. For some, it’s the 4-star chef prepared meals. High-end options like herb-crusted chicken breasts served with Provençal tomatoes topped with lemon essence appeals to foodies. Others prefer 24-hour dining options, where you can eat when you want and dine with a view of the ocean. Do you want to spend most of your time on-deck, sunbathing from a variety of locations with servers replenishing your drink without you noticing?

You might be interested in guaranteed access to outstanding nightlife, smooth music, an entertaining show or the chance to try your luck at a casino. That’s only the options on the ship! Consider your choices on land when you choose a cruise line, like hiking the majestic mountains or biking off-the-beaten path trails. Or maybe you’re in it for the ocean activities like snorkeling, swimming with dolphins or parasailing. Did you choose a cruise for the quick access to different cultures and landmarks? View the list of shore excursions and check for proximity to cultural treasures and options for exploring museums, castles, or ruins. What makes up your wish list for activities on a vacation?

Do I want an ocean cruise or a river cruise?

There are more differences than salt or fresh water drifting under you at night. If you want more time in port, consider a river cruise as they tend to spend more time in a single location or port of call. Many ocean cruises are spending much more time in port as well, depending on the destination. This has changed over the years, based on consumer demand. Get the chance to explore the ports in-depth when you stay overnight for more time to explore a single town, and have the chance to live it up with great dining and entertainment at night on the ship.

Want more time to relax?

Choose an ocean cruise with a day or two at sea. Take full advantage of the time onboard to relax, bask in the ocean breeze or sit-down at an elaborate meal. 

What’s the atmosphere on-board the cruise?

For some, the boat is simply the method to take you from one port to another – without having to unpack at each new destination. For others, the experience on the cruise ship is the most important part of the trip.

Many cruise ships have similar amenities on-board, such as excellent and unique cuisine and duty-free shopping. The details come for other things. Do you want a themed adventure that not only takes you to faraway lands but also lets you dine with Mickey Mouse or eat like a Viking? Do you prefer to not think about money once you start your trip? Some cruise lines offer all-inclusive experiences, so everything from your shore excursions to the alcohol is included. You can even have your own butler. Others offer budget-friendly options so you only need to pay for the extras you want. Is the whole family joining you or are you looking for a romantic getaway? Certain cruise lines target and excel at family adventures, while others focus on providing intimate and memorable experiences for couples. Are you looking to get married on the ship or in port? Cruise ships are a great way to combine your wedding and honeymoon in one trip.

Do you want a few extra days to explore before or after the cruise? When the boat leaves from a different city than it arrives, it seems a bit odd not to explore. Do you want the opportunity to explore the arrival or departure port on your own and have the cruise line take care of the hotel booking and transfers? Some travelers prefer a completely booked and planned vacation, from the moment they arrive to the tour of the city to the cruise itself. Explore the cruise tour offerings to see which is best for your wants, needs, and budget best. What kind of cruise will become your dream vacation? Call us at 562-433-3841 or schedule an appointment [LINK to scheduler] and we’ll help you choose the best cruise option for your next
adventure travel trip.