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“The best part of my day. The best part of my life.”

We believe life is a journey and it’s made up of a series of adventures. Whether you want to…

  • Go wine tasting in Bordeaux on a river cruise adventure
  • Explore the countryside in Tuscany
  • Cruise the glaciers of Alaska
  • Gaze at the northern lights of Iceland
  • Pick lemons in Sorrento (for making limoncello)
  • Hike the Amalfi Coast
  • See the penguins, albatross and flamingos of the Galapagos
  • Scuba dive in Australia
  • Climb Machu Picchu and view the birds of Peru
  • Explore Costa Rica, or anyplace else…

We can help! Your experience will be completely hassle-free and tailored to your wants and needs. We are travel specialists and we are here to handle every detail. The result is a custom travel experience designed personally for you. Let us help you find your sense of adventure.


Life is a journey. Make it an adventure!

Julie and Bob Schallmann

Julie & Bob

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Dreams are important and we can help make them a reality. What better way to begin than with travel specialists who know how to get you the best experience for your vacation budget. We know first-hand the special and unique features that each of our packages offer.

Do you help plan vacations?


Yes, we help you create and book the adventure of your dreams based on your interests and your budget.

Do you have promotional or discounted rates?


Yes, we usually have a few group trips each year with great rates and a lot of value. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to be the first to hear about these.

If I have an emergency while on a trip you book for me, will you help me?


You will have the phone number for a local contact before you travel. You can always call us too.

Do you sell travel insurance?


We are not insurance agents, however we do have two types of travel protection available exclusively for our clients: Basic to Classic Coverage. Cancel For Any Reason. These will be further explained when you book your trip. You will also have the option to speak with the insurance company directly, 24/7/365.

Do you have specific information regarding cruising?


Yes, we will provide you with tips and all the information you need before cruising. Just ask! Or you can search for a blog post with more information as well.

What is your cancellation policy?


The cancellation policy varies depending on your vacation details. These will be clearly explained before you book anything.

We find the best in the outdoors – with great places to eat and the best places to stay – and share it with the adventure enthusiasts who trust us to guide them to the most amazing places.

We focus on destinations we like and experiences that move us. We seek out what the locals do, where they go, and what they eat. We love to discover the hidden gems and the popular spots too – because, after all, something made them famous!

We let you indulge in your passion for adventure – whether you get on a plane or enjoy from the comfort your living room. And we’ll help you every step of the way – from planning to booking to sharing and even reliving your memories.