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You enjoy a side of adrenaline with your vacation plans. You know what it’s like to feel the wind whip around you as you bike down a mountain or surf a ten-story wave? As adventure specialists, let us help you plan your next active adventure vacation.

Land Adventures

Are you looking to take in the majestic beauty of a remote mountain top…from the mountain top itself? Why not soak in a foreign countryside, experiencing the local people’s daily lives as you pass them by on a bike, breathing in the different scents of the native vegetation along the way?

Zip-line through a forest or hike the slowly sloping trails. Climb the sheer rock-face of a mountain or walk through the caves. Whether you’re looking for a fast-paced, adventure-focused trip or just want to include a few adventure activities, we’re here to help you.

Water Adventures

Want to take an exhilarating ride down the Pacuare River, navigating over wild peaks of roaring rapids? Maybe you prefer the salty ocean, surfing the clear blue waves off an island.

As adventure specialists and fans ourselves, we’ve built a library of knowledge about top water activities to do in your destination. You can see the unique formations of coral from above with a snorkel. Or dive deep and view the many tropical fish darting in and out of underground caves with SCUBA gear.

Whatever your taste and threshold for action and adventure, we have the options!

Newbies to Experts

If you’re a seasoned action junky, we can feed your adrenaline. Are you more of a novice thrill seeker? No problem!

There are many great options for getting started. You can add a more adventurous hike with a few more hills than normal. Or dive right into the very active end with surfing, skydiving, wine tasting, bungee jumping or swimming with the whale sharks, white water rafting.

We have hand-selected a few trusted partners in each destination we serve to help create the perfect active adventure experience for your level and budget.