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Share adventures with family and friends

Travel with Friends

Your friends are spread out all over the globe, and thanks to all those handy communication apps, you can keep a close connection. But what if you could spend actual time together while exploring the world?

Instead of communicating via video screen, talk in-person while doing something fun. Trek across the Amazon rainforest…swim with dolphins…explore hidden caves…take a cooking class in Italy…or simply relax on the beach with friends you haven’t seen in a while.

The possibilities are endless for reconnecting.

Added Value

Group trips are a fantastic way to travel with friends! Plus, you benefit from received ammenities such as access to special restaurants or extras on attractions you couldn’t take advantage of as a solo traveler.

We’ll create a trip with plenty of extras while negotiating the best rates and value for your adventure. You can even book nights out on the town with such packages as dinner and a show…VIP entry at a jazz or piano bar…or local events.

See the hidden side of any destination with “behind-the-scenes” tours available to small groups…get great rates at accommodations or book a house for a different experience…or use the group entrance at top attractions. When you travel as a group with your friends, you can get all the perks of a tour without the strangers.

Coordinated Travel

While traveling in a group carries its own fun; coordinating the trip can cause a headache. Let us take the stress off your shoulders and plan a trip full of memories for you. We’ll take everyone’s tastes into account, and their budgets, to craft a truly unique adventure experience.

On our group adventures, you will cultivate existing relationships while gaining priceless memories of life-changing experiences. What could be better? Rally your friends today to share an exciting adventure.